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James Pond

Another Cornelius radio show?

As for 2006 August 17th medium Meguro radio 

2006 August 17th 21: 10 - 22: 45

It broadcasts with such feeling.

01 Star Spangle Gayo/Cornelius
-- Greeting of beginning
02 Sensuous at the same time/Cornelius
03 Sensuous fragments/Cornelius
04 Breezing/Cornelius
Rather than 05 the theme /NHK word [tsu] [te] “of the aiueo” being funny
06 love hunger /Happy End
07 Gum/Cornelius
08 Explanation Mark/The Books
-- The gong obtaining it is topic
09 Doraemon (italy Ver)
10 Electric avenue/Eddie Grant
11 Like a Slave/Citrus featuring Gaian
12,911 KGGI/Citrus
-- Topic of migratory bird
13 Wataridori/Cornelius
-- Metal?
14 War/Meshuggah
-- Punk?
15 Punks for Prophet/Life Sentence
When 16 it is born and changes/with [bu] [koneriasu]
17 foolish/mountain stream Siyuntarou & Ken work
From 18 Motherland/radio Pyongyang
19 Scum/Cornelius
-- Topic of nuclear power generation
20 Summertime Blues/Eddie Cochran
21 Summertime Blues/The Who
22 Summertime Blues/child bands
23 Summertime Blues/Guitar Wolf
24 Summertime Blues/Blue Cheer
25 Summertime Blues/The Flying Lizards
26 Summertime Blues/RC [sakuseshiyon]
27 Piano Lesson/Miyazaki 吐 dreams
Ryuichi 28 A Flower is not A Flower/Sakamoto
30 Another View Point/Cornelius
31 Life ON Mars/Seu Jorge
-- Topic of timbre of sweet guitar
32 Next Stop Earth/Steve Vai
33 Elephant Talk/King Crimson
34 Fashion/David Bowie
35 Peace/Buffalo Daughter
36 Beep It/Cornelius
37 Beat It/Michael Jackson
-- The extent may die, hot topic
38 May be I'm Dead (Cornelius mix) /Money Mark
39 [yotsuparai] /The Folk Crusaders which returns
40 Daydream/Lovin' Spoonful
41 Daydream Beliver/Monkeys
-- Topic of dream
42 Money/Flying Lizards
43 No Money No Honey/Beck
-- Topic of ghost residence
44 Thriller/Michael Jackson
Kazuo Onitarou/Kumakura of 45 [gegege]
46 Get Ur Freak On/Missy Elliott
Lock of 47 ghosts/home village wide seeing & trees and shrubs rare forest
48 [honehonerotsuku]/child Kadoma person
49 I Put A Spell ON You/Screamin' J Hawkins
50 Ghosts/Japan
51 Music/Cornelius
52 Sundog/T.P.O.
53 Sleep Warm/Frank Sinatra

Number it modified. (2006.08.14)
In addition perhaps there is some modification.
[yoroshiku] (4649)

Nicked from his food blog and translated by Google.  New Cornelius?  Old Cornelius?  A song called 'Beep It'?  I want this shit badly.  Find it for me, someone!
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