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A radio show?

Cornelius is so frustrating. His Japanese website is annoying enough, but the English translation hasn't been updated for about two years. And I know he's done stuff recently. Hmph.

I was browsing the Japanese site and something kept popping up (rather annoyingly, too). I thought it was a CD he contributed a song to, but on closer inspection I noticed it was a mix. Hmm! I did some snooping around the internet, and found out NHK is a radio station and, presumably, Cornelius did an hour-long mix for one of their shows. Here's the track list, from his food blog thing:

01_ 00:02:00_ StarSpangleGayo/Cornelius
02_ 00:33:11_ Opening
03_ 01:30:08_ Muminの挨拶
04_ 02:21:04_ Smashing Of The Amps/Jimi Hendrix
05_ 02:56:51_ Electric Guitar/Prefab Sprout
06_ 05:21:57_ Banquet(Cornliues Remix)/BlockParty
07_ 09:16:17_ CM(Fuji Film)
08_ 09:46:52_ Debora/T Rex
09_ 11:03:51_ Tender(CorneliusRemix)/Blur
10_ 16:23:34_ 犬の話題(その1)
11_ 16:33:03_ NHK News(Dog)
12_ 16:58:60_ Walk The Dog/Laurie Anderson
13_ 18:08:26_ Sprout & The Bean/Joanna Newsom
14_ 22:27:18_ Brazil is Full of Love/Bjork vs. Death Cab for Cutie vs. Cat Power vs. Cornelius vs. Chris Isaak (DJ Earworm)
15_ 28:49:56_ 犬の話題(その2)
16_ 28:59:18_ NHK News(麻薬犬)
17_ 29:16:42_ 覚せい剤音頭/Timers
18_ 30:11:58_ どうなっちゃんてんだよ/岡村靖幸
19_ 30:27:74_ Hyperactive!/Thomas Dolby
20_ 33:00:64_ 気い狂て/INU
21_ 35:43:49_ Psycho Killer/TalkingHeads
22_ 37:28:09_ NHK News(a leap second)
23_ 38:03:28_ Chrono Mechanica(Cornelius Remix)/Sketch Show
24_ 43:56:44_ NHK Cooking(Teriyaki)
25_ 44:35:08_ Moon The World/Teriyaki Boyz
26_ 49:04:71_ Visions of China/Japan
27_ 50:08:58_ NHK News(反日運動)
28_ 50:26:38_ 死ね死ね団のテーマ/Cats Eye&Young Fresh
29_ 51:15:38_ Nightmare/G.I.S.M.
30_ 52:23:54_ War & Peace(Cornliues Remix)/坂本龍一
31_ 57:40:40_ 終わりの挨拶

It looks lovely, and has a few of his tracks I haven't heard (StarSpangleGayo is one, which I believe was released on a short EP he did - first I've heard about it).

This community is about as dead as a can of spam, but can anyone shed any light on this, or rather, shed an MP3 download link?
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Wow, that looks like the best mix ever! Hendrix mixed into Prefab Sprout at the beginning? Bjork vs. Death Cab for Cutie vs. Cat Power vs. Cornelius vs. Chris Isaak (DJ Earworm)? Thomas Dolby's Hyperactive? A song called 'Moon the world'? I really want to hear this.
I didn't know he had that many mixes....crazy
Well, I think they're all part of the same big mix, just seperate tracks. If it is indeed a radio show. I don't even know it is. Have you heard his Breezeblock mix? It's 30 minutes of tracks he mixed together for a UK radio station. It's pretty dope!