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A radio show?

Cornelius is so frustrating. His Japanese website is annoying enough, but the English translation hasn't been updated for about two years. And I know he's done stuff recently. Hmph.

I was browsing the Japanese site and something kept popping up (rather annoyingly, too). I thought it was a CD he contributed a song to, but on closer inspection I noticed it was a mix. Hmm! I did some snooping around the internet, and found out NHK is a radio station and, presumably, Cornelius did an hour-long mix for one of their shows. Here's the track list, from his food blog thing:

01_ 00:02:00_ StarSpangleGayo/Cornelius
02_ 00:33:11_ Opening
03_ 01:30:08_ Muminの挨拶
04_ 02:21:04_ Smashing Of The Amps/Jimi Hendrix
05_ 02:56:51_ Electric Guitar/Prefab Sprout
06_ 05:21:57_ Banquet(Cornliues Remix)/BlockParty
07_ 09:16:17_ CM(Fuji Film)
08_ 09:46:52_ Debora/T Rex
09_ 11:03:51_ Tender(CorneliusRemix)/Blur
10_ 16:23:34_ 犬の話題(その1)
11_ 16:33:03_ NHK News(Dog)
12_ 16:58:60_ Walk The Dog/Laurie Anderson
13_ 18:08:26_ Sprout & The Bean/Joanna Newsom
14_ 22:27:18_ Brazil is Full of Love/Bjork vs. Death Cab for Cutie vs. Cat Power vs. Cornelius vs. Chris Isaak (DJ Earworm)
15_ 28:49:56_ 犬の話題(その2)
16_ 28:59:18_ NHK News(麻薬犬)
17_ 29:16:42_ 覚せい剤音頭/Timers
18_ 30:11:58_ どうなっちゃんてんだよ/岡村靖幸
19_ 30:27:74_ Hyperactive!/Thomas Dolby
20_ 33:00:64_ 気い狂て/INU
21_ 35:43:49_ Psycho Killer/TalkingHeads
22_ 37:28:09_ NHK News(a leap second)
23_ 38:03:28_ Chrono Mechanica(Cornelius Remix)/Sketch Show
24_ 43:56:44_ NHK Cooking(Teriyaki)
25_ 44:35:08_ Moon The World/Teriyaki Boyz
26_ 49:04:71_ Visions of China/Japan
27_ 50:08:58_ NHK News(反日運動)
28_ 50:26:38_ 死ね死ね団のテーマ/Cats Eye&Young Fresh
29_ 51:15:38_ Nightmare/G.I.S.M.
30_ 52:23:54_ War & Peace(Cornliues Remix)/坂本龍一
31_ 57:40:40_ 終わりの挨拶

It looks lovely, and has a few of his tracks I haven't heard (StarSpangleGayo is one, which I believe was released on a short EP he did - first I've heard about it).

This community is about as dead as a can of spam, but can anyone shed any light on this, or rather, shed an MP3 download link?
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