James Pond (rappingshoe) wrote in newmusicmachine,
James Pond


Is it only I that didn't know Takako Minekawa was Cornelius' beloved wife?
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Also, I think I was supposed to get in touch with you to download the PM remix source files?

ps. lovely icon, I don't know what it's of though.
I have them, yeah. Email me at zombiedave at gmail.com and we'll work something out.

The icon is from Lemon Jelly! They're a superb 'band', among mine and Hovis' favourites. So check them out. I suggest 'Page One', 'Spacewalk' and 'Only Time'.
I think it was in this very community that I found out they were married! Or it may have been somewhere else. At any rate, it seems unlikely I'll be 'getting any' from either of them any time soon =(.
How come I didn't know, then?

When Cornelius tours the UK, we HAVE to go. I won't accept no for for an answer. Maybe his missus will be there handing out posters and making sake for everyone!
Shows how good your memory is! Look: The very first person to join this community! And you commented on the post, you mong!

Yes, perhaps he'll tour when he releases his next album, whenever that may be. Current estimates state 'sometime during the next ice age'. And speaking of live music, we should really pay more attention to any upcoming gigs. I just couldn't be bothered when I'm at the library!
He also went out with Kahimi Karie for a time as well. Cor, the lucky sod.

He has a son (Yoshi I think) with Takako, too.

</celeb gossip> :-)