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Tone Twilight Zone

We love Cornelius, we do.

The Best Cornelius Community Since Your Mother
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Anybody , Moderated
Welcome to this, the first, and so far the only Cornelius LJ community. Bit of a shame, that, but we like the exclusivity. Anyhow, feel free to join, if you like. And tell your friends! Be warned: being a cunt is likely to get you ears kicked in.

Just kidding!!

Some important info: This community was founded by the following people:


It's nice to see new people joining, even though nothing much happens here!
2010, another view point, big knockers, brazil, bug, bug (electric last minute), clash, cm, cm2, cornelius, count five or six, drop, fantasma, flaps, fly, fm, free fall, god only knows, i hate hate, j-pop, j-rock, jpop, jrock, keigo oyamada, magoo opening, mic check, micro disneycal world tour, new music machine, nowhere, pm, point, seashore and horizon, shibuya kei, shibuya-kei, smoke, star fruits surf rider, tone twilight zone